Bourbon Barrel Aged Organic Maple Syrup 375ML (12.7 FL OZ)

Bourbon Barrel Aged Organic Maple Syrup 375ML (12.7 FL OZ)

Described by The Wall Street Journal as “soul-stirring”, the Crown Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged organic maple syrup is estate-produced in NY’s Hudson Valley and showcases distinctive aromas and flavors of maple, bourbon, smoky oak, graham cracker, brown butter & creamy vanilla with exceptional layers of luxurious flavors. 


We take estate-produced maple syrup and age it in barrels to absorb the bourbon from the oak. The barrel features super-premium, 10-year bourbon from Widow Jane, based in Brooklyn NY. This aging process may leave trace amounts of alcohol in the bourbon barrel aged maple syrup.


You will find yourself adding this to everything from yogurt to oatmeal, as a sweetener for coffee, as a versatile ingredient for bourbon maple glazed salmon, meats and vegetables, in a vinaigrette, in place of simple syrup for cocktail mixology, and of course to create an exceptional breakfast of pancakes, waffles, French toast, and bacon! 

  • Product Info

    • Create exceptional breakfast foods--pancakes, French toast, waffles

    • Sweeten & flavor robust coffee, black tea, cold beverages

    • Drizzle over yogurt, oatmeal, fruit, ice cream and pies

    • Marinade & baste for grilled meats, fruits & vegetables

    • Adds flavor & depth to vinaigrettes, BBQ sauces, remoulades, mustard, salsas

    • Mixology-- premium bourbon, rye, and whiskey for intriguing cocktails


    May contain trace amounts of alcohol